Graphite is a central material in the friction industry, especially in the production of brake and clutch linings. With its lubricating properties, graphite modulates the braking effect of friction linings and essentially contributes to braking comfort and to noise reduction. The outstanding thermal conductivity properties of graphite also play an important role in friction linings.
Advantages of graphite in friction
• Graphite is useful for the stabilization of the friction coefficient.
• Graphite`s  useful effect to reduce the wear rate of the brake linings.
• Graphite provides a more optimal distribution of the friction brake lining due to graphite, which in turn increases the total number of friction materials.
• Graphite has a positive impact on reducing noise during braking.
• The distribution of particle size has little effect on the thermal conductivity, including an important for efficient removal of heat without overheating the caliper and brake fluid.

Suitable products: Regular Flake Graphite, Micronized Graphite