Due to its layered structure, graphite exhibits excellent lubricating and parting properties which are maintained even under pressure or at high temperatures.
The single flakes are very thin and can easily position themselves between two surfaces in reciprocal motion generating a situation of three-body wear (surface-graphite-surface) with very low coefficients of friction.
This makes graphite a proven, environmentally friendly and indispensable component, for example in parting agents for metal processing or the production of high-performance lubricating grease.
Graphite is most effective for lubricants in stamping, rolling, metal, forging and general industry for processing of hot metal under pressure.
Graphite lubricant provides a lubricating layer of the following properties: resistance, minimal deposition, no biological fermentation, adhesion to the surface moisture resistance, thermal stability.
The main effect of the use of graphite in casting steel grades (including the manufacture of seamless pipes and metal forging, stamping and rolling product):
- Reduced energy costs
- Reduction of emissions and the use of pure natural raw materials
- Savings in production costs
- Reduction of tool wear
- Improved  workpiece surfaces
- Increase in productivity
- Reducing the number of  defects

Suitable products: Micronized GraphiteMould Releasing Agent