Refractory & Pencil

Pencil lead is most commonly a mix of powdered graphite and clay. It is chemically unrelated to the metal lead, whose ores had a similar appearance, hence the continuation of the name. Plumbago is another older term for natural graphite used for drawing, typically as a lump of the mineral without a wood casing.

Suitable products: Regular Flake GraphiteMicronized Graphite
Graphite is one of the most common materials used in the production of functional refractories for the continuous casting of steel. In this application graphite flake is mixed with alumina and zirconia and then isostatically pressed to form components such as stopper rods, subentry nozzles and ladle shrouds used in both regulating flow of molten steel and protecting against oxidation
As a chemically inert, highly resistant component featuring high thermal conductivity, graphite has a permanent place in modern refractory applications such as blast furnace linings and crucibles or in modern foundry technology.

Suitable products: Regular Flake Graphite